Region Saint Bernard

With 3 ski areas in winter, countless touring ski variants, endless possibilities in summer for people who love the mountains, the proximity to Italy and a great international community, you will certainly never be bored with us.
Our pass is unique in Switzerland!
For 159 francs per year you get a season pass for 3 ski resorts and countless activities in summer

The summer pass costs 29 francs

3 ski resorts + Verbier

45 kilometres of ski slopes aren't enough for you? Then let it be 412 kilometres!

3 ski areas included in the st. bernhard pass
Verbier is the third largest ski area in the world with over 400 kilometers of pistes!



Many roads lead to Rome. Some lead to yourself. Take a hike!

Mountains, mountains and mountains

Want some more?
Val d'Entremont
Here you come to the dangerously peripheral mountain area! Total wilderness! Hardly any hiking trails. Hardly any civilization. Hardly any safety.
You are the adventurer!
I hike, therefore I am!
  • Poor mountain area
    You hardly believe it? A poor Switzerland?
    People are migrating to the cities. Who can grant them that? Come back! Be poor. Be as you are. Be mountainous!
  • Historically exceptional region
    Napoleon came with 50,000 men. On foot. FC Sion was not yet so well known back then.

    Napoleon was saved by a young mountain guide from the Valais. Where would we be today if he hadn't?

    The important Alpine pass was called Mont Joux until the year 1000. It was one of the most important Alpine passes for the Romans. Then came Saint Bernard. It was totally sacred.

    Since then it has been called the Saint Bernard Pass.
    In addition, walls from pre-Christian times have been found at 2600 metres. They call it Mur d'Hannibal. Does anyone know more?

  • Verbier vs Liddes
    Probably in a few places in the world are the most expensive and cheapest places so close.... except perhaps in Rio de Janeiro? Leblon vs Rocinha?

    Whether Liddes and Bourg St.Pierre or Verbier - rich or poor are close.

    In Verbier, Mr. Branson rents out his chalet for 100,000 euros a week. Including butlers and DJs.

    With us, you get a lot more for less... and our DJs are better, the milk purer, the snow whiter!

Zusammen in den Bergen. Ohne wenn und aber. Ohne Pelz und Stolz. Ganz schweizerisch. Ganz bergisch.
Kommt alle hoch. Ohne wenn und aber. Platz gibt es genug. Berge auch.
Our vision

In the long run, we will celebrate an alternative mountain village up here--.

Züri and the rest of Switzerland finally united!


DJ and goat cheese
Us and the mountains
Culture and cow dung
Many people. Many ideas. Many discussions.
Fresh air for the city dwellers. New ideas for us mountain people?
St. Moritz for creatives and dreamers?
Mushroom picking and cooking
Mountains instead of walls (analogous to Zurich - down with the mountains, free view of the Mediterranean)
Day nursery. Reading. Techno party...we can do it!
Together we are an insane number.
Celebrating is part of life. Let's celebrate!

Kauft Wohnungen! Und schafft Wohnraum in den Bergen. Für alle und jeden!
So tickt die periphere Bergwelt
  • I would hardly have believed it. We hiked and got lost...haha. so un-Swiss. but somehow beautiful (there were no signs).
    but in the evening we had mushroom stew. Wow. with the best mushrooms.... so wild! ah. somehow totally awesome!.

    Lucie Gulierm
  • We bought the pass for the whole family. You can't even ski in Bulgaria that cheaply... 69 francs for the whole season.
    The pasta in the resti at the valley station was 13 francs. huh? Italy or only Italian quality?
    Sam Willson
  • the two houses (relais and petit Velan) are like two little oases in the Swiss mountains: totally cool people, fair prices, progressive people, no pompom... sometimes DJs.... I always come back!
    Sarah Lewin
  • Wine here. It's hilarious!
    i had the best time!
    can't we have a little bit of that?
    Alexa Larkins
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