Family Hostel Manifesto
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Family Hostel
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Rue du Bourg 26, 1946 Bourg St. Pierre, Switzerland
Our Team
Family Hostel
Stefan Stolwijk
Co-Founder Ski hostel, Co-Founder Family Hostel
Philipp Alexander Weber
Founder friLingue, Co-Founder Ski hostel, Co-Founder Family Hostel
Patricia Abreu
friLingue, Co-Founder Family Hostel


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Which accommodation are we going to?
It depends on the date. You are welcome to write to us before booking and we will let you know what options are available.
Can we come even if we don't know any other families?
But sure! That's actually the idea! Meeting new people and having a great time together.

Who will you meet at our place? or maybe the - family Hostel manifesto

We are all very uncomplicated (or at least pretend to be)

Life is not as complicated as we often make it!
Come up and join us and drive down. We celebrate cosy togetherness! very simple
Being instead of appearing
Neither in winter nor in summer: we don't have big "toboggans" driving through the village. With us, we sledge with the Davoser. Our prices are and remain moderate. Neither mink nor Merz impress us. Be who you are or who you like...
Different people
Don't we socialise too often with our own kind in our everyday "bubble"? We would love to greet all kinds of people!
So enriching!
Goodbye Generation Golf? Hello VW Beetle! We are the VW Beetle generation and only want one thing: togetherness and the deepest possible conversations.... brumbrum!
Whether Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Zoroaster or atheist. You are welcome. Even as an agnostic. And also as a vegetarian.
Let us be! All of us!
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